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1in Strap Adjuster Nickel Set of Two # HAR1STANTWO

Strap adjusters allow you to adjust the length of a strap to fit the person carrying the purse or bag. They are particularly useful for backpacks and slings since the adjusters allow the user to regularly and quickly adjust the straps to remove the bag from the back or tighten the load.

In this package you get two (2) strap adjusters and, as a plus, a handy little case that you can reuse for pins or anything else small.

Our hardware is beautifully finished, not simply die cast or bent wire. This results in smooth lines, no rough edges and a truly high quality look and feel. You'll love how it embellishes your bag.

VENDOR : PRODUCT TYPE : Pattern Accessories COLOR : Black MATERIALS : Plastic COUNT : 2ct SIZE : 1" x 1-1/4"