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Strip-Samplers: 12 Great Quilts with 'Jelly Roll' 2 1/2" Strips

1. Create 12 beautiful quilts with jelly rolls!
2. Heritage Bouquet made with Heritage, Cause for the Cure fabric
3. Time in the Garden made with Portobello Market fabric
4. Our Town made with American Primer fabric
5. Favorite Things made with Recess fabric
6. Home Garden made with Butterfly Fling fabric
7. Fruit Salad made with Recipe for Friendship fabric
8. Bear in the Country made with Pine Creek Crossing fabric
9. Redbirds made with Redbirds in the Bowers fabric
10. Hometown Houses made with Wildflower Serenade fabric
11. Butterfly Blocks made with Butterfly Fling fabric
12. Pie, Oh My! made with Recipe for Friendship fabric
13. Town Square Table Runner made with Portobello Market fabric

Faster than you can say speed cut, you'll have your strips sorted and arranged, ready to be sewn into fabulous quilts with this detailed project guide!

Jelly Rolls and 2 1/2" fabric strips make quilting easier and more enjoyable than ever. Skip the search for coordinating fabrics and the steps of measuring and cutting and get right to the fun.

Featuring 12 quilting projects all using convenient, pre-selected fabric strips, Strip-Samplers is perfect any crafter looking to complete stunning quilt projects without the hassle of choosing coordinating colors and fabric. Simply follow the detailed instructions and start measuring and cutting to dive right into building the quilt blocks, assembling them, and finishing each quilt! Also included are complete quilt patterns, applique templates, and helpful diagrams.

The designs offered in this collection work well with any color palette. You can use the same fabric selection shown in the example, if you have it, or substitute whatever colors you prefer! Simple construction, colorful designs, helpful tips, and easy-to-follow directions ensure your quilt will come out beautifully.

Bust your strips, scraps, and stash. Once your strips have been sorted and arranged, you're ready to sew 12 fabulous quilts, with Strip-Samplers!