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Photos of beautiful Historic Canoa Ranch~
The Raúl M. Grijalva Canoa Ranch Conservation Park comprises 4,800 acres of the original San Ignacio de la Canoa Grant. Historic Canoa Ranch is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and boasts a pollinator garden, Canoa Lake, The Cienega and access to Anza Trail. This is a wonderful place for bird watching, photography, hiking and enjoying nature!
Photos of Deb Deaton's art and beautiful creations ~
I believe in channeling my creative urges in order to produce unique artwork using fiber, such as fabric, wool, yarns, beads, dying fabric and more!  My inspiration for my work is the miracle of life.  DJ's Fiber Arts is born out of a combination of my education, training and experience, which allows my perspective as an artist to remain traditional yet contemporary. Art is my outlet to express my creativity and uniqueness to the world. ~ Deb