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$5 Demo ~ Nine Patch Design Play

Nine Patch Design Play Come play with me and discover how easy it is to create different designs using a simple nine patch nine patch layout. By taking some basic units like plain squares, half square triangles, hour glass and combination units, and playing with the nine patch block layout you can create more designs than you may think. We?ll play and see how many different blocks can be created by simply changing the position of the base units within the nine patch layout and/or popping or flipping some corners for additional interest. This is a fun exercise for quilters of all levels, and shows beginner quilters how many fun designs can be easily accomplished using some of the simple base units we all learn to make when we first start quilting. I?ll also give simple demos of the Tucker Trimmer and Corner Pop tools from Studio 180 Design. I like to use both of these tools to easily make clean, precise versions of the base units listed above.

Backseat Babysitter

Keep passengers occupied and the car clutter free! Featuring over a dozen compartments of various sizes, this handy 23"L x 15"W clutter buster easily straps to the back of the car seat and offers plenty of space for baby items, toys, and tech gadgets. Zippered and slip pockets of mesh, vinyl, and quilted fabric hold diapers and wipes, small toys, snacks, sippy cups, water bottles, and more.

Beginning Quilting Workshop

Bring your machine, quilting tools, the next set of blocks & fabric for your beginning sampler and get hands-on instruction in quilt top assembly. This class is open ONLY to novice quilters who have taken the Introduction to Quilting class.

Dec 24
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Christmas ~ Closed 2022
Dec 27
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