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Class Policies

1.  Class fees must be paid in full at the time of registration. You can register in person, by phone or on-line.

2.  Should you need to cancel your registration for any of the Quilt Central Studio classes, a refund in the form of a CREDIT toward a future class will be provided.

3.  If Quilt Central Studio must cancel a class due to lack of participation or other unforeseen circumstance, a refund will be issued in the form or original payment.

4.  Class minimum is generally (3) students depending on the class and the instructor in conjunction with Quilt Central Studio.

5.  Space is reserved on a first come, first served basis. If you want to take a class with a friend, be sure to sign up at the same time to guarantee you spots.  QCS does not guarantee seating unless enrollment is paid for in advance. If a friend does not enroll in time to take the class or it fills before they enroll, your enrollment is still subject to general class policies.

6.  Children or guests may NOT accompany you to class without paying the full registration fee which would allow them to participate fully. There are not age limits listed on our classes, please note that unless a class is specified for children or young adults, enrollment is usually restricted to adults.  You can always call the shop and ask if you have a young person who is skilled in sewing and wants to participate.

7.  Supply lists are provided by individual instructors and are available for pick-up at QCS at the time of in-person registration or after online registration.  The cost of supplies is NOT included in the lass fee unless otherwise noted.

8.  When a class requires the use of a sewing machine, QCS asks that you bring your own machine, in good working order and with the knowledge to use your machine.  There are some classes where you are required to have your own machine for class and homework use. Be sure to bring basic sewing supplies to class or feel free to purchase new items if you need them.

9.  Basic sewing supplies include scissors, thread, seam ripper, needles/pins, marking pencil, rotary cutter/mat and rulers.  If there is anything listed on the supply list specifically, you will be expected to bring those items to class.

10.  Each student must have a legal copy of the pattern or book being used in the class.  QCS supports all efforts to be compliant with copyright laws and cannot support anyone knowingly or unknowingly breaking the law.

11.  If assistance is desired in the selection of class materials, please request help WELL in advance of the class day.  If you are provided with specific instructions to prepare something prior to the class (ie: cutting squares, prepping patterns, etc. ) please come prepared as we will not have class time for you to catch up.

12.  QCS classroom has individual work tables, community cutting/ironing stations, a design wall and power strips for student use during class.

13.  Class will start on time so please arrive at least 15 minutes early to set up your space and be ready to begin at the designated time.

14.  QCS strives to provide many classes in a "2 half-day format" so that students may relax and enjoy their classes, have time in between sessions that are not back-to-back and to not fell pressured to gain all all knowledge in one long day.  No class will have a class immediately following so, students are welcome to stay until the shop closes and work on their projects, socialize, shop or even dine/sit in the rear courtyard!

15.  QCS will provide a 15% discount on batting and backing for any project completed from a class held at QCS!

Skill Levels for Classes:
*      Novice Quilter ~ operate a sewing machine and sew a 1/4" seam
**    Confident Beginner ~ beginner ability plus ability to read a pattern and use standard quilting rules (rotary cutter, mate, rulers, etc.)
***   Intermediate Quilter ~ possess the above skills AND have completed 3 or more quilt projects
****  Experienced Quilter ~ Could probably teach the class but want to relax and play instead!